Shoulder Pain

I could hardly move my left arm about 3 years ago.  I wasn’t able to take my coat off without assistance and bras were really a bummer – to put on or take off.

Finally I went to an orthopedic who diagnosed “Frozen Shoulder.”  He said that I would need manipulative surgery, which really isn’t surgery, but you are put under and then they move your shoulder until the impingement is removed.


Manipulation Under Anesthesia

During this procedure, you are given a general anesthetic – a painkilling medication that puts you to sleep. The surgeon will force the shoulder to move which in turn causes the capsule and scar tissue to stretch or tear. This releases the tightening and should increase the range of motion. In addition to this surgery, you will usually have corticosteroid and local anesthetic injected into your shoulder joint.

Manipulation in this way is not without its disadvantages. There is a small risk of humeral fracture, labral tears, rotator cuff injuries, dislocation, and brachial plexus injury.

After the surgery – I had 6 weeks of physical therapy and still pain, but after a short time the pain went away.  Well 3 years later, the pain has come back with vengeance.   My new Doctor in Virginia was worried that it would become a frozen shoulder again.  So he put me on steroids for 3 weeks, but because of my diabetes and other issues, that was it.  It was starting to feel much better near the end of the 3 weeks.  It was almost like a miracle, but now 3 weeks since I have been off the medication and back to working out.  It is hurting and keeping me awake again.

So I can move my shoulder and range of motion is good, just very painful most of the time.

So if there are any doctors in the house – please tell me what I should do?  I do not want to become a pain killer junkie, but I can see how people do, if there are in pain.

Pain is not fun.

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