Acts 11 – Who is to Stand in God’s Way

Acts 11 is about Peter recounting the conversion of Gentiles.  Peter basically says – who is to stand in God’s way to further his kingdom.

We do sometimes stand in the way of further the Kingdom, by our petty little feelings and our righteousness.  It isn’t God’s righteousness, but it is our mature Christian attitude that prevents us showing others the way.  Peter did as he was told, he went to Cornelius’s to baptize his family and the Holy Spirit came upon them.


Peter explains the events in order the others would understand.  His vision in Joppa, about the unclean meat.  The voice from heaven:  “What God has cleansed you must not call common.”  The arrival of men from Caesarea at  the conclusion of the vision.  The Spirit telling him to go with them, accompanied by six brethren. How Cornelius was told to by an angel to send for Peter who would tell him words by which they would be saved.  How as he began to speak, the Holy Spirit  fell on the Gentiles just as upon the apostles at the beginning

Peter’s reaction to the events, he remembers the Lord’s promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  He reasoned that if Gentiles received the same promise as they did when they believed, who was he to stand in God’s way?

The reaction by those who heard Peter’s account, were silenced and then glorified God.They concluded that God has granted Gentiles repentance to life as well.

God is an awesome God, he wants everyone to be in glory with him.  We love you Lord and hope that we can serve you each and every day.  Amen.



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