Acts 8

The Persecution at Jerusalem. Saul’s Zeal in Persecution. Philip’s Conversion of the Samaritans. Simon the Sorcerer Believes. Peter and John Sent Down to Bestow the Miraculous Powers of the Holy Spirit. Simon’s Wicked Offer and Peter’s Rebuke. Philip Sent to Preach to the Ethiopian Eunuch. He Explains the Scriptures on the Way and Preaches Jesus. The Eunuch’s Request for Baptism. Baptized and Goes on His Way Rejoicing.

Here is a man – who hated Christ and hated the Christians so much that he persecuted them.  This man should have been hated and not welcomed into the family of God, but Jesus selected Saul and he became one of his greatest disciple.   

I know many people think they are not good enough for God, but God takes all kinds, murders, adulterers, drug addicts, mentally challenged, emotionally challenged and sinners of all kinds.

Jesus when he was in his ministry here on earth, visited, ate and spent time talking with sinners. He loved everyone.  So please do not think your sins are so great – God will never love you.  He wants you even more.  He wants to spare you of all the bad things and wipe your slate clean.

None of us ever stop sinning, but as we become more and more mature in Christ, sin loses it’s hold on us.

It is a beautiful loving thing.  No other religion in the world welcomes everyone in such a way.  It is the only one I know that frees you from death.

Read Acts 8 and realize that God had a plan and he still does for his followers.  Amen.


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