What a day of Commuting
So this afternoon, Doctor’s appointment in Burke, I got off the bus and McDonald’s and walked to the corner. To realize that I was not at the right MickieDee…. oh Lord and the bus was gone. So I had 30 minutes or more to get to the Dr and started to walk that way, finally realizing 3.5 miles cannot be made in 30 minutes – at least for this 54 year old women.

So I called a cab… well the cab took 25 minutes and with luck – my $15.00 would get me to the Dr. Sure enough – I made it to the Doctor. My blood pressure was actually pretty good! So Doctor gave me the a.o.k. and I am on the road again. Standing at the bus stop and checking my phone I had 8 minutes and the 17A would be there. Sure enough it came, but it was across the road. A busy road, so I missed it. So checking the schedule, I was off to the right McDonald’s, I went in and had a Southwest Salad.

For a few minutes I knew it was going to rain, but it started to pour, buckets. So safely in McDonald’s was a great thing. Well looking at the next 17A bus schedule, I had 18 minutes to get across the road and to the right stop. So in the rain, I walked and stood waiting. This time, I made the right bus and off to the Pentagon we go. That ride was only 30 minutes and even in traffic and rain – I was in a dry place. At the Pentagon – it was busy with commuters, but onto the train to Huntington and walk home. So all my travel completed. I am tired and ready for bed.

What a Commute… but what a blessing that I am home safely and can tell of my adventure.


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One Response to Commuting

  1. gigi says:

    glad you made it home safe.

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