Today, I am going to preference this blog with God’s Will be Done, but here is my prayer.

I left Rock Island, IL on August 27, 2012 to start this new job at the Pentagon.  Don and I hoped we would get help purchasing our home so he could move with me, but because the position was only a GS-10, they would assist with closing cost and the such, but no help in purchasing it out right.  So Don and I have been living as geographical bachelors for the last 9 months.

We have visited back and forth, but we are still living a part.  He is trying to keep up the house and I am living in a small apartment in Alexandria. 

Don was in the process of going out of business in Nevada and with that, IRS was wanting to rescind a ruling that would make him owe a great deal of money, money that we do not have.  Don is also legally blind and went on Disability in November.  He went from April to November of last year without pay or income.  Now remember we are still trying to live in two households.

I am telling you all this because this is the background of my prayer.  The market is miserable in Rock Island, friends trying to sell their homes are told they need to take $40,000 off the asking price.  Crazy amounts!  Nothing is really selling.  In our neighborhood I see people trying to lease their homes.  Crazy times we live in.  

Now the glory of God is that he has a plan and I know we are trying to serve him.  I am not sure what my prayer really is.  I believe my prayer is that we can be together and continue our lives serving God.  The resolution or combination of things that need to happen are up in the air.  

So I guess my first priority is to serve God, second to be together and work together for his purpose.  If anyone a lot smarter then me has answers or solutions to our problems, please come forward.  I need your advice.  Otherwise if you have no advice or solutions, please pray for God’s will in our lives and that we can be together full time.

If I know anything God is driving this train.  I just ask for prayers to calm my fears and I also pray that so many others who are in the same or similar situation find resolution soon.  

So my Prayer Warrior’s let’s get busy.  Amen

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One Response to Prayers

  1. Jane says:

    I don’t know what a GS-10 is or entails, but I do know that it is not good to live apart from your spouse. Our prayers are for you to do God’s will. Serving the Lord is a giant part of both your lives. Weigh out the pro and cons, and let God direct you… I know you know all this already….Acknowledge that God is in control and He knows what is best for you…

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