One Thousand Gifts – Chapter 10

This Chapter is almost the conclusion of Ann’s book and it takes me through all the Chapters to reveal, maybe something I was already trying to do, but emphasizes the need to be in Union with God.

“I love it! A gift never stops being a gift! Though the experience may be different, though the hands that hold and steward it may change, though age and time will pass, a gift is still a gift…and a gift is in its very nature something to be given! So, He gives me a home…and I open up the door and welcome in. He gives me an ability…and I take the resources and opportunities and I steward that ability for their sake and His glory! He gives me food…and I make two meals – one for my family and one for “theirs”. He gives me money…and I remember that it’s all His, not just a percentage. He allows hardship and trial…and I give thanks and praise and trust and faith. He allows peace…and I give thanks and praise and comfort and faithfulness. He gives…I give…and you…

“The way through the pain is to reach out to others in theirs.” (John Voskamp) I have known ache and becoming the blessing is what deeply blesses us and this is the way He binds up our wounds.”

Let me go through my days and serve him in this way, seeing the world through God’s eyes and through the way it was meant to be. Communion with God.

As I near the end of One Thousand Gifts, I love how Ann has taken me full circle.

I have gone from discovering gifts in the every day to becoming the blessing for others. I am called to give of myself and from my abundance to other people. Amen.


What a blessing her book has been to me throughout the last few months. I have bookmarked and highlighted throughout – so I will come back to it. Thank you Ann Voskamp for a wonderful book about our Communion with God and the world. This wasn’t an easy book for me, but it was something I really digested, maybe slowly at times, but there is satisfaction in the end.


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One Response to One Thousand Gifts – Chapter 10

  1. Jane says:

    Just today at breakfast with the ladies from church, watching a video of Ann’s we shared how you were going through the book every so slowly(digesting it all) and then blogging about what you have discovered…passing it on to others. I don’t know how many are following this but I really appreciate where it has taken you and me

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