1 Week – Facebook

Well 1 week has passed and I have survived with very little Facebook.  First day, I believe I was on there 30 minutes, but since then – it has been 1 or 2 minutes here and there, but really very little time.

Now what does this mean, well it means, I spent more time doing other things.  I spent time reading, writing blogs,and walking, and exercising.  I also made a healthy meal and put together my kitchen island. Now I have to tell you, I did play games on my phone still, but not as much.

I got on the scale Saturday and I lost 5 lbs.  Now is that in relationship with not being on Facebook, well it is in direct collation with putting God as a priority and doing what it takes to lose weight.  I will not say that I’ll never make Facebook my best friend again, but no need to spend forever on it.

It was really a great week and I am feeling blessed by more time to do other things.

God bless.  Yes – this will be posted on Facebook!! LOL


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