Crazy Blessed Day

Crazy blessed day was what I had today.  I really wasn’t frazzled, but I could have been.

I was able to accomplish everything I needed to do today, but only by the grace of God and my brother and sister in Christ.   

I was suppose to be in an award ceremony from 8:00-10:30, enter a Chili cook-off with my chili that wasn’t really very good!!!  I messed up the recipe by not having broth for the recipe.  This cook-off chili was suppose to be there by 10:30 and then I had a dental appointment at 2:15, which meant I needed to leave by 12:30.

So I was having a little bit of trouble trying to match up how I was going to do all this.  So I asked for help and my sisters and brothers in Christ came through.  Someone took the chili for me to the contest and Eric from my office picked up the dishes and cleaned them.

Everyone was so helpful.  Even had people vote for my chili, which ended up not winning.  Now we are going to have a chili lunch tomorrow.  My treat.

I even got to the Dentist with no problems.  I had time to reflect on my friends and put life into prospective.

God bless everyone.  Hope you have a Crazy Blessed day too.


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