Putting together my Kitchen Island + Transforming Lives




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Kitchen Island

I accomplished something today. I was very happy to walk to Curves this morning and exercise, then walked back. I had over 8900 steps by 9:30. Then I went about accomplishing even more. I put together a kitchen island so we would have more room when Don permanently arrives with additional kitchen items – Like mixer for bread making.

I know we shouldn’t spend too much money, but this is something that was on clearance at JC Penney, but assembly was required. So relatively inexpensive. I made a few mistakes, like putting panel 8 where 7 should go and 2 where 3 should go, but I just reversed my actions and had a re-do. Anyway not much to write home about with problems. My thumbs were sore turning the screwdriver, but they will heal. I guess I could of used an electric screwdriver… but the old-fashion philips screwdriver did the trick.

Something very exciting I noticed this morning too, I have lost 4 lbs this week by just spending less time on Facebook, reading more of my bible and blogging more. 1 other thing – I am walking an average of 10,000 steps a day.

Don – no mixed messages – I am making room for you and the mixer. So we can have homemade bread and not this store bought stuff.

With that completed – it is time for me to get a shower and think about dinner. God bless. Keep looking up and you can accomplish a great deal. Anything is possible in Christ.

Ann’s book is coming full circle and in Chapter 10 we find we must give it way. Blessing in life are good and we need to see them, but now it is time to share and we must get out there and share. Ann gently reminds us that communion is only complete in service and that a gift never stops being a gift. We aren’t meant to write down gifts and then forget.

Instead, the gifts transform our lives and the gratitude overflows into the lives of others.

“Christian hands never clasp
and He doesn’t give gifts for gain
because a gift can never stop being a gift –
it is always mean to be given.”

So as we start the new week tomorrow – Yes Sunday is the first day of the week. Let’s look for opportunities to give to others and give thanks to God.

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