Opposite of Blessed

What is the opposite of being blessed.  It is to be cursed.  So do you really want to spend your days here on earth being cursed or being blessed.  One prospective is to look up and focus on Christ and the other is too look down and see all your faults and everyone else’s.  You will find them if you look.

Yesterday’s blog I called “Truly Blessed” and it was so true it was an overflowing day.  Now if I wanted to, I could have blogged about the negative aspects of yesterday.  So here is a sampling of how it would have gone.

1) I am too fat to wear this skirt and I hate putting on hose.  

2) I have to get up at 4:00 am to get to work and walk!  Yuk

3) I have to go to a Chief’s Call and sit through that and then have lunch with my co-workers.

4) I had to walk back from the restaurant

5) My co-workers gave me a plant and that I had to lug home on the bus.

6) I have to ride the stupid bus because my car is back in Illinois.

7) I bought 5 bags of groceries and how I have to lug them home on the bus.

8) I had a big box come in the mail yesterday and I had to struggle to get that up to the apartment.

The list can go on and on.  One thing I felt as I was writing those things – I had trouble coming up with the negative and yet in the past the list would have been long.  I wouldn’t have had trouble finding the negative.  

That is a blessing too from God.

This is unknown author to this quote, but I like it:

When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them, and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone has prayed for you. Life is full of blessings! Express Gratitude for all the good things in life!

If you have trouble coming up with things to feel blessed about – go to this website:


It will give you a few uplifting words and good ideas about Being Blessed.

In Chapter 9 – Ann goes on to say – “God holds us in the untamed moments too.” What a comfort to know that God is still holding me, even when I am going crazy. I tend to get crazy a lot, so I need this reminder to give thanks for His constant strength and security.

Let’s see how today flows, most likely it will be blessed because I choose to see those things and if I only ask God and image God holding me in untamed moments, in those crazy times when i feel out of control, I can be blessed to know his strength and security for my well being is constant.


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