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I am actually living without a car right now. My car is back in Illinois parked in a garage. I’ll go back at the end of May to pick up my husband.

So taking the bus in the morning is no big deal, I have been doing that for almost 8 months. Now I have to do it to go to Curves, Grocery store, Doctor, Church and even the Dentist. So today, I took a new bus 17B to Burke, VA to my doctor’s office, I then proceeded to take another bus, 17F back from Burke to Pentagon, train from Pentagon to Huntington and bus 171 to my address. So about 5:30 I arrived at my little apartment safely.

I am not sure how this all will work out, but I am trying to get in 10,000 steps a day and walking to and from bus stops helps. So as I go through the motions of getting around, I find it quite interesting. I have met a few people who have befriended me and notice when I am not on the bus. It is a community. I take God with me on these trips and try to act like the Light of Christ. I have never felt threatened. I hope the adventure continues and I am safe. I’ll continue to keep you posted on my month without a car.

It might be that I learn to live without a vehicle and become a public transportation expert.

Today – Thursday, 25 April – I wasn’t much of an expert. I got on the wrong train and went all the way to Springfield, which meant I had to go back to King St and turn around on Yellow Line to Huntington. Crazy – so never get on a train before you know which way your going.

I ended up getting to Curves to work out by 5 – 2 1/2 hours out of my way… I still accomplished my deeds. So God had a purpose for me to take my time this afternoon.

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