God’s Purpose

We have a purpose – God intended us to have fellowship with Adam and Eve, but Satan came into the picture and told Eve she could be just like God.  We get caught on that  too.  We think we can be god like and control our own lives.  What makes a young man become evil, by letting a little bit of evil come into his life.

If we start to think we are only here for our purpose and our purpose only, we are “god” with a little g.    If we focus on Christ and Christ first – then we can serve our God, and he empowers us with the Holy Spirit.  What a gift.  Christ dying on the cross was a gift, but our purpose to be free of sin to serve God even more.  He commands us to take the Gospel to this fallen world.

The young men who bombed Boston, we said to be like angels.  Well even Satan sees a crack in our Armour and gets in with negative thoughts or worse thinking.  Something changed these young men and I can say in my heart whatever did was evil.  Evil crept into them and took over.

This week find grace in all you do.  Find the joy that God wishes everyone to have.  Show the light of that Holy Spirit in your life.  Show others something they want to have.



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