Where do we find God’s Grace, when we are tired, drawn and ready to scream.

Ann in her book about One Thousand Gifts – tells the story of her two boys eating toast and peanut butter. She tells of how one of them throws a piece of toast in the face of the other. They argument is not about the toast, but something deeper. It tells of how do you find grace in that situation. Also how is it that we sometimes try to solve these type of situations with more angrier. Satan has a way of using our feelings against us and if we open a crack to him, he’ll take it.

Finding Grace in the tough times takes practice. Finding Grace in life’s daily chores takes practice.

Last night I came back from Illinois. We left Alexandria, VA at 5:30 am on Friday driving most of the day, finishing up the drive on Saturday morning and then me flying back to DC in the afternoon. I arrived at my apartment after a half hour train ride and 5 minute bus ride to this.

I was pretty tired last night and I wasn’t sure if I could go right to sleep, but had to get up for Church this morning. So I went into my apartment to the sound of fans going. You see earlier this week my neighbor above me had a leaky toilet that went through to my apartment floor. While I was out of town the Master Service came in to inspect and to run fans for the floor and walls to dry.

So I came in to a very loud and very warm room. These fans put out a great deal of heat. I also wanted to take a shower and go to bed, but no that was’t going to happen.

photo (5)

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

After all that I found peace and God’s grace was enough to keep me calm. I slept and God is good. Everything will work out. No reason to get upset, in would only have prevented me from sleeping.

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