The other day, I made a very hard decision. Just like many of my recent decisions, I hope that it was the right decision.

Yoshi came into my life 6 years ago as a 16 week puppy, shipped by air to me from Texas. I surprised Don with this puppy and he wouldn’t be involved. It wouldn’t affect him. The bottom line was that all the kids were moving out and this would give Don a companion during the day and they would keep each other company.

So since the moved to Virginia, moving back and forth to Illinois or having Don visit, Yoshi gets farmed out and it isn’t good for him. We also cannot afford the $500.00 deposit and 50 dollar extra rent. Our budget gets tighter and tighter with the two residents, so a very hard decision was made. Find Yoshi a good home.

I know he would have adjusted to apartment life, but he didn’t like it. He needed a yard and someone to be his pal.
He needed stability.

I had several people from work interested – so a play date was set with a couple who already have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Yoshi seems to be getting along – so after two nights, they called and said, Yoshi was doing well and all was well. They would like to adopt him. So decision made, Yoshi has a new home.

I feel bad and I will miss him, I didn’t even say goodbye, but probably better for Yoshi, because he doesn’t need to get confused by seeing me again just to say goodbye. He was and is a wonderful dog and will be a good dog to his new owners.

So when I asked Don if he missed Yoshi, with a tear in the corner of his eye – he said “It doesn’t affect me at all.”

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