On Wednesday afternoon, I decided I wasn’t going to spend the weekend alone.  I was going to come into work on Thursday, work until about 10 and then drive 13 hours.Image

I guess my stubbornest and craziness was showing, but my bosses agreed.  They allowed me to leave early on Thursday and take Friday and Monday as leave.  Even crazier I was thinking about Don and Yoshi coming back to Virginia for 2 weeks.

So here is the plan in my head.  Gen Haddad says – I want you out of here by 10, well I was out of the office by 10 and so I walked to the South Parking of the Pentagon and that takes about 15 minutes and by the time I was settled in the car – I was off by 10:30.

I ended up missing a turn and having to drive all the way through DC and Georgetown.  It wasn’t bad, but probably added at least 45 minutes to my trip.  So after I was in Maryland and on to Pennyslvania.  I was making good time.  So as being a stubborn German – I drove until I was in Ohio before I stopped.  That was about 5 hours of driving.  So I stopped – had my lunch, gassed up and bathroom break.  Back on the road.  In five hours, I drove through partly cloudy to snow flurries.Image

I then was off again to Indiana…. my plan was not to stop again until I was near South Bend.  So I held off for 4 hours this time. 

I got a coffee and a water and gasoline again.  This time I wasn’t going to stop until I got there.  There being Rock Island.  In this whole process I never told Don what I was doing.  Texted him once at 3:30 pm to say I was going to work out.  So he didn’t have a clue.  I did tell a few people from church, but only to pray for safe travel and not to tell Don.

So here I am on this 13 hour trek and doing very well, until I hit Gary, Ind… now it is dark and traffic was backed up for 4 miles.  The highway went down to 1 lane and trucks and more trucks back up.  But I found the time was pleasant – I rolled down the window and not fresh air and revived myself with Christian radio station.

Now on to Chicago.  I believe the hardest part was the last 30 minutes into Rock Island.  My eyes were beginning to play games with me and the shadows were starting to jump out at me.

When I pulled up in front – I called Don, by this time it was 11:30 pm.  He was a sleep, and didn’t know whether to believe me or not, but I had a key.  So I came through the door and he was standing there.  He was in disbelief.  He really didn’t know if I was real or not.  After more then an hour we finally got to sleep and my shoulder and body was worse the wear.  I was exhausted. 

It was a crazy experience, but it was ok.  I survived it with flying colors and God was with me all the way.

Psalm 91:11

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways.

In the craziness of the moment, I knew God was with me.  His angels were guarding me against trouble.  Amen.

What is important to me is that Don and I will be together for Resurrection Sunday and I may have my husband with me in Virginia for 2 weeks. Worse case, I know I can drive straight through and will have angels onboard.




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3 Responses to Crazy

  1. Don Merritt says:

    Yes, crazy…. and taking pictures while you’re driving isn’t exactly rational either!

  2. Sharon Duncan says:

    I totally agree with Don, but then I also bet he still has a smile on his face just knowing the love you have for him.

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