Blessings today!

My loving sister, Jane says I need to count my blessings like Ann does in her book, One Thousand Gifts, but day in and day out – it is hard to number things. 

But to get through with it, numbering helps you to know that they are numerous.  I have many blessings – some things I wouldn’t even think are a blessing – like 1) walking (sometimes I don’t like walking) especially in the wind and breeze, but being able to walk is a blessing.  2) walking with Don today was a blessing – being a part makes me realize that walking without him is not as good as walking with him.  

3) Yoshi is a blessing – because after 3 months he still remembers his momma!!!!  4) Don is so handsome and the absence makes me realize why I fell in love with him in the first place.  5) He is focused and on fire for Christ – one more thing that makes me love him even more.

6) Having a job – which helps to keep us out of bankruptcy courts.  7) I am glad for our strong 1895 home that maybe the IRS will take.  You see if the IRS is after you and you have no money – like in our case, they will take your assets – well the only asset we may or may not have is our house.  So they take our case and put it on the bottom of the pile.  This leaves us in limbo.  So is that a blessing – well at least we still have a home and we can make payments still.

7) I am glad I can count to 7 – because the drive yesterday is catching up with me.  I am glad for the down time to take a nap.


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