My Mother

ImageToday – I remember my mother, because of her joy she gave others.

My mother suffered a great deal through her life, most of it from hard work and health issues.  She was a determined women.

I always think of her when the weather changes from Winter to Spring.  Her birthday is in late March and with her birthday it signaled the changed to spring.  My mom was so talented and creative.  She would be able to make and design things on a dime.  She also knew how to reupholstered furniture.    In her younger years she took care of her mother and played guitar

I loved my mother through turmoil that many teenage girls go through and she was someone I miss very much.  Talking to her even when I was far away, she was always there.  She has been gone over 20 years, but I still miss talking to her and being with her.

My mom is still remember and missed.  I will see her on the other side.

When she died, shortly after her death – I had a dream that she told me it was okay.  So I believe that in my dream my mom was able to tell me she was ok and that I would see her again.    Happy Birthday MOM

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