Joy in all Things

2nd Place Chili Cook-off

Joy in All Things – God gives us those moments and we have to embrace them. 2nd Place Chili Cook-off

One Thousand Gifts  – today’s list would include:

1) My Husband his excellent cooking and coaching

2) Trip to Doctors office with no traffic problems

3) Ability to carry loads of stuff to work for the Chili Cookoff

4) Even though it was a short day – glad to be at work and with great people

5) Coming in 2nd Place in Chili Cook-off and found myself winning prizes

6) Great work-out at curves and coming home to blogging

In the Midst of what seems a mess, in the tripping up and stumbling down of all hopes, Jesus gives thanks?

Luke 17 – Do you know or can you remember the story of the 10 Lepers.  Only one of them came back to Jesus and said thank you… Jesus said “19 And Jesus said to the man, “Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.

So many times before reading this book – I would have over looked the words of faith has healed you… not realizing that the word is really in the Greek is SOZO – means salvation.   From the Young Literary Translation  19 and he said to him, `Having risen, be going on, thy faith hath saved thee.’   I believe that it is deeper as Ann says – it is a real need for us to come to God in thanksgiving.    This is a great deal to wrap our mind around.  We must come to God in thanksgiving – what a gift God gives us in his salvation and he gave this leper his salvation through his thankful heart.

Let us spend time working and thinking about Luke 17 and God’s word.










































































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