There are lots of portion charts out there and I utilized this one for illustration.  

I am amazed with my life style changes that I really have a mindset that is out of wack!!!

My curves complete recipes are one serving, so it is funny when you measure out one serving of pasta and it is like less then 1/3 cup.  It isn’t almost worthwhile to boil the water!  

This plate is suppose to help you see and visualize your servings.  Here are some of there recommendations:

Healthy Eating
The plate is simply a tool to remind you to limit your portion sizes and eat healthy, balanced meals. Here are some more tips for healthy eating:
  • Make an effort to eat at the table. Eating mindlessly in front of the TV is a sure way to overeat.
  • Don’t feel the need to clean your plate. With the giant portion sizes restaurants give now, you may be consuming double and triple the recommended portions. 
  • Don’t worry about wasting food. When you are full, stop eating.
  • Eat slowly to give your body time to digest and send signals to the brain that you are full.
  • Don’t skip meals. When you skip a meal, your body thinks you are in starvation mode so it slows down your metabolism to compensate. This could cause you to overeat at the next meal.
  • Include high-fiber foods in your diet (beans, fruit and oat products). Fiber helps you feel full faster and for longer. It also helps keep your blood sugar stable.
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods. Balanced meals are important. 
  • Limit processed and high-calorie foods to special occasions. It’s ok to treat yourself every once in a while.
  • Eat lots of leafy vegetables. They fill you up and are packed with nutrients.

It is funny when I boiled the water and I cooked about 10 pieces of pasta, I laughed up a storm, but when I prepared my meal and put it on the plate.  It was just right.  I felt satisfied and complete.

Most of my life, I was willing to brag about eating a whole pizza (large one).  I could consume great deal of food, but for a great deal of my life, I was bulimic and then for the rest of it I was downright ‘fat.’     So changing your mind about food and your approach to it is really complex.  When you start looking at portions you see that most of us have no real concept of food and how much is enough.

Through my years of counseling, the therapist always said, that you need to feel you have enough.  Apparently in my early years, with so many kids at home, I felt I never had enough.  So it was a matter of realizing I really had plenty.  

There are so many books and self-help guides out there, I think eating is an individual thing and I will not endorse anything for you, but the book “Psych Your Diet” says 95% of dieting and exercising is psychological.  I really believe that is true, because I know the science of eating, I am an expert dieter, I am an expert on exercise and stretching.  So why have I failed, because I mentally wasn’t prepared for changing.  I always looked at it as a short term solution, not a life long change.

So mentally I was never in the game.  Sports psychologist will tell you that about sports, most of the game is mental.  So changing your lifestyle and eating habits has to be mental too, if you want to succeed.

So I am working on my mental game.  Last night I had pasta again, and I told myself 1/3 cup of pasta is enough.  It was and I even had enough left over for lunch today.

So I really did have enough.  Happy Eating and be on your mental game!!!!

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