Worshiping God

I want to start my first post discussing my relationship with God.

I trust in God to deliver me from almost all things, but I never have embraced the idea that he would want to save me from my weight problems or give me a chance to really make a difference in someone else’s life.  Well He can and he does.  This blog will be about my journey and my relationship with God.  Worshiping God isn’t a set time in my week where I go to a church and worship corporately with other people.  Worshiping God begins each day, praying and living my life trusting him to lead me through my days.

I need to realize that worshiping God is part of my relationship with my spouse, children and co-workers.  God has a purpose for us human beings and it isn’t just to put him on a shelf and take him down when we need him.  He wants us to serve him by growing his kingdom.

So many people believe so many different things in this life, that the truth is hard to hit if you think it is a moving target.  The truth is that Jesus is the only king that came down from his throne.  God sent him to earth to live among us and teach us how to live.  The written words of the Bible express that love – even in the old testament, when God gave people so many chances to redeem themselves.  The only way to eternal life is through Christ Jesus.  His blood on the cross should be something that we cannot phantom alone.   God loved us so much that he gave his son up on the cross for not a few of our sins, but all our sins – so we can be made white in his blood.

What other religion does that?  What other way of life does that?  Adam and Eve were in perfect relationship with God in the Garden, but rebellion began because of their desires to be God like.  Until the death of Jesus on the cross, that relationship was not the same, but with Jesus’ death it has been restored.

What a message to the lost and to those who follow his teachings.  Please read my post from day to day and see how God leads us to his purpose.

My desire is to work toward health and through my words of encourage, disappointment or struggle, you will see my love of God and how I deal each day with my purpose to serve him.



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